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KDV THEME/ROYALTY/MUSIC                                                                          DIRECTIONS TO DEN OF MUSES

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PARADE                                                                                                                    MEETING DATES & PICTURES

KDV SAFETY PROGRAM                                                                                      PRE PARADE PARTY

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KDV THEME/ROYALTY/MUSIC.  “Uncle” Lionel Batiste, Grand Marshall Extraordinaire and founding member of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Treme Brass Band will be King of the 2003 Krewe du Vieux parade.  His niece, Zandra Batiste, will reign as his Queen.  The overall theme is Krewe du Vieux goes “Off the Record”, and Anders Osborne, Big Chief Monk Boudreaux & the Golden Eagles, and Cyril Neville are scheduled as our headliner performance at the Krewe du Vieux DOO at the State Palace Theatre following the parade.  The Treme Brass Band will do the Brass Band Review & special tribute to their founding member and our King, Uncle Lionel immediately following the parade this year.  Anders, Monk & Cyril will be the only headliner, and will play two sets.  The first will start at 10:00 pm (or thereabouts). 


The Lil’ Stooges Brass Band will be marching with the Drips & Discharges again this year.  Nate’s spoken with Walter and they are excited that we wanted them again.  I think they liked Nate’s “home brewe” that we had on our float last year.  We’ve had them with us for several years now, and they are one of the more popular bands in our parade.  


D&D THEME/COSTUMES/FLOAT DECORATIONS:  The membership has adopted the theme of “Drips & Discharges Passes Judgement”, a satirical play on “fishy” deals with Judges, including Copeland’s “shrimp deal” and the Canal Street Brothel.  See Le Monde de Merde article (link below).  The idea is to decorate the top of the float with a “Judges Bench”.  Of course, “Judge George” will be presiding, and “the john” is the witness stand.  Mandy will make a “come back” as our “Blonde/Blind Justice” and we’ll need some help dressing Marco’s wooden figures as jurors and johns.


Some costume ideas that were discussed were (1) Judges dressed in colored graduation gowns (remember “Dollars for Scholars”?) and judges wigs; (2) Johns; and (3) Con “jiggle” visitors aka “Call Girls”.  We are shopping the thrift stores for the Judge’s robes and encourage everyone to be on the lookout for one of their own.  Marco found one (there were several) for $8 at the Thrift Store on Carrolton Avenue (same strip mall as Rock & Bowl) and Pat and Amelie found several at Goodwill (Prices ranged from $1.29 - $5.00).  Ask recent grads if they’d like to part with theirs cheaply too. 


We couldn’t get a discount, so everyone’s on their own for wigs.  Wigs costing $20/each (order white so you can “spray paint” them) can be ordered online at (  Judy worked us a good deal on some brilliantly colored hair spray/dye for under $4.00 a can, and we’ve already gotten the battery operated Mardi Gras lights for our Krewe members to brighten their wigs or costumes up.   You can also order the Judge’s robe ($20) & wig ($13) @ (, and Accent Annex has white Judge’s wigs for $12.99.

Feel free to use your imagination and get creative!  We hope to supplement costume costs from our dues and will let you know how much as soon as we are able to reconcile the budget.


PARADE.  The parade is scheduled for Saturday, February 15, 2003.  The parade route is posted on the Krewe du Vieux website @ ( The Drips & Discharges will be the 13th float in the parade line up.  KDV has a commitment from Captain Louie Dabdoub of the 8th District to provide more police this year.  We will NOT be using private security as before, since they are not as effective as the police anyway.  With each police equipped with radios & credentials, Captain Dabdoub feels he can better control the flow of the parade, and assures us that it will not be necessary for us to “run and catch up” this year.  We are planning 2 stops this year at:  1) Molly’s on the Market on Decatur Street to toast former royalty and our King; and 2) The 8th District Police Station on Royal Street to toast our “Boys in Blue”.  This should help to slow things down a bit as well.  All should be on the lookout for the Krewe of Discordia – a renegade group of folks who won’t pay dues, but always crash our parade.   They costume and even carry a sign.  The police should be alerted if they are spotted and they will be removed from the parade route.


SAFETY:  Please review the Krewe du Vieux’s Safety Program before parade day.  With almost 900 Krewe members now, we had to implement a formal safety program for insurance purposes.  Sandra, a CPR Instructor and one of our founding members, has offered to give a CPR course to our members who are interested.  If you would like to more information, please contact Sandra @ Sandra's Email.


THROWS/VIDEOS & KDV BUTTONS.  The mutha krewe will again be selling commemorative cups @ $12.50 per sleeve of 25; and wooden nickels @ $10.00 per 100 nickles for throws.  Since we are going to continue using those great “test tube” throws Flash got last year for the Drips & Discharges, it was decided that we would stuff them this year with “Fill in the Blank Judgements” signed by Judge “George” Boner Hymen.  Thanks Jenny for the great job you did on those.  We have about 100 more to stuff into test tubes (a brainless job, I think we can handle) and I have them at my house if anyone wants to help out. 


The DEADLINE to order KDV Cups and Nickles WAS January 15, 2003.  Wooden nickels may still be purchased on Friday, 2/14 at the State Palace Theater – while supplies last.  2002 KDV Videos are also available for $10/each, and “Goofy Guy” buttons for $3/each, or 2 for $5.  Please email your orders ASAP to EILEEN and mail checks - payable to Eileen Duffy - to Eileen @ 918 Papworth Avenue, Metairie, LA  70005.  The Drips & Discharges will provide 50 test tube throws to each member as part of our dues.  NOT 300 – sorry, but the brain starts to go as we get closer to parade day!


Remember:  Beads are a pain in the neck – literally!  We’re a marching parade, so keep in mind that your throws should be light weight and easy to carry.  For members interested in purchasing some really cool beads and other Mardi Gras paraphernalia, there’s a group of guys who sell this stuff out of the warehouse next door to the Den of Muses.  You might want to drop by on Saturday and do some shopping, but be sure to bring your checkbook! 


D&D FLOAT ENGINEERS:  Flash and Robert have agreed to not only pull the float this year, but also get it to the lineup on parade day and back to the Den of Muses after the parade on Saturday night.  Jennifer Lindsley has volunteered to make mule head hats for them, and we have embroidered KDV mule driver lab coats for them to wear.  We have also paid their dues, as pulling the float is a “thankless task” and much responsibility will be placed on their heads (along with the mule heads) for ALL OF OUR SAFETY.  Please try to remember and offer to take over for them during the parade so they can take a brake and have some fun of their own.


FLOAT REPAIRS/UPGRADES:  We’ll need to replace the tires and batteries on our float (estimated at a cost of $600), and we bought some boxes for under the float to allow D&D members better and more organized access to their throws and personal belongings.  We will have 10 storage areas on each side, for a total of 20 storage areas.  With 60 krewe members, we figured 3 people would have to share a storage area.  (Choose your partners!)  We had to replace the outside panels of the float and we decided to go “cheap & easy” this year with plain material.  We would also like to design the 2’ section across the back of the float for our beer with two taps on the back.  Cost should be minimal for the storage boxes and beer areas (+/- $150 for materials).  We’ll need some volunteers to help with these projects and will be working on the float every Saturday from 1:00 pm – dark from now until Parade day at the Den of Muses.


We’d like to upgrade the float next year and decided to do a “Drips & Discharges’ Float Fun Razor” at the Den of Muses the SUNDAY before the Parade, February 9th.  We plan to serve lunch at the Den for $5.00 a plate (probably Red Beans & Rice) and beer for $1.00 a cup.  With approximately 10 other Krewes decorating their floats, we hope to raise enough money to pay for any float renovations we decide on for next year.  If you’d like to volunteer for this project, please contact Captain Amelie at 286-1080 or email her at Amelie's Email.  The Sunday before parade day is always lots of fun.  Hope you can make it.



DIRECTIONS TO DEN OF MUSES.  From Elysian Fields and the River, turn on Chartres Street (away from the French Quarter.  Go down Chartres 5-6 blocks, one block past Franklin Avenue (where it makes a “V”) and turn left on Port.  Go one block and turn right on Architect.  (You can only turn right on Architect and it is only one block long).  The Den access is in the middle of the block on the left.  If you need to call us, you can reach Amelie on her cell at 606-1080 or Eileen on her cell at 669-6500.


MEMBERSHIP DUES:  As of this writing we have 60 paid members and membership is CLOSED.  Dues are $110.00 per person.  Please make checks payable to Eileen Duffy and mail to 918 Papworth Avenue, Metairie, LA  70005.  Of that amount, $55.00 goes to the mutha krewe, and covers your membership in the parade, entry to the State Palace Theatre, pre-parties (beer and set ups included) on Friday night at the State Palace Theatre and at the parade lineup, and at the DOO at the State Palace Theatre after the parade; plus a copy of Le Monde de Merde, two commemorative cups and a commemorative button.  The Drips & Discharges hopes to subsidize costumes, and will cover float renovations and decorations, our beer on the float the night of the parade and the test tube throws.  We also have some pretty neat parties between now and parade date.  WHAT A BARGAIN!


MEETING DATES:  Mark your calendars now for the following dates (and view photos of these events on the links below):

All photos are the property of, and provided as a courtesy by Eileen McKeown.  All rights reserved.  Copyright Ó 2003 Eileen McKeown


1:00 pm til dark - Saturday, January 11, 2003 @ Den of Muses – Float renovations

            Drips & Discharges – Week #1

7:30 pm til 10:00 pm - Monday, January 13, 2003 @ Eileen’s – Costumes

            Costume Fun – Week #1

1:00 pm til dark - Saturday, January 18, 2003 @ Den of Muses – Float renovations/decorations

            Drips & Discharges – Week #2

1:00 pm til dark - Saturday, January 25, 2003 @ Den of Muses – Float decorations

            Drips & Discharges – Week #3

7:30 pm til 10:00 pm – Monday, January 27, 2003 @ Eileen’s – Costumes

            Sorry, but the photographer had a little too much wine.  No pictures.  Just great memories.

1:00 pm til dark – Saturday, February 1, 2003 @ Den of Muses – Float decorations – BUS RESERVATIONS DUE!

            Drips & Discharges – Week #4

1:00 pm til dark – Saturday, February 8, 2003 @ Den of Muses – Float decorations

            Drips & Discharges – Week #5 (Saturday)

            Drips & Discharges – Week #5 (Sunday)

7:30 pm til 10:00 pm – Monday, February 10, 2003 @ Eileen’s – Costumes

            Oops – another dead brain cell.


PRE PARADE PARTY:  The State Palace Theatre will be opened from 3:00 pm til 9:00 pm on Friday, February 14th for Drips & Discharges’ members to hang our banner, rope off our area, and bring anything they want to leave in our designated area for Saturday night.  Feel free to bring alcohol, changes of clothing &/or shoes, food, snacks or anything else that you don’t want to carry on the parade route, but would like to have at the party after the parade.  LEAVE YOUR VALUABLES AT HOME!  The mutha krewe will provide beer, soft drinks and sandwiches at this event.


PARADE DAY EVENTS:  We’ll begin parade day at Eileen & James’ house at 1:00 pm.  Our KDV King, Lionel Batiste, and his Royal Consort, Zandra plan to join us for lunch about 3:00 pm.  You’re welcome to get dressed at Eileen’s and leave your car in the parking lots next door and across the street.  You can get to Eileen’s from the State Palace Theatre by cab for about $10 after the Doo, or retrieve it on Sunday.  Please, no glitter, feathers, etc. applied inside the house.  We’ll provide lunch and soft drinks, but feel free to bring refreshments.  Mr. Newman will drive us to the parade line up in the school bus again this year, and will pick us up at 4:00 pm at Eileen’s.  WE NEED A HEAD COUNT OF HOW MANY OF YOU PLAN TO RIDE THE SCHOOL BUS WITH US FROM EILEEN’S HOUSE.  PLEASE EMAIL EILEEN or AMELIE NO LATER THAN SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1st!


If you plan to meet us at the parade route, please have someone drop you off (after 4:00 pm), or leave your car at the State Palace Theatre and take a cab to the line up.  THERE WILL NOT BE ANY PARKING AVAILABLE IN THE MARIGNY AREA.  We’ll line up at the old Godchaux’s warehouse located at 511 Marigny Street (on the corner of Chartres).  Beer is provided by the mutha krewe at the lineup.  Nate’s providing his special home brewe again for our float and for our drinking pleasure along the parade route.  We’ll have a designated table in the warehouse area at the line up where we will meet.  The parade leaves promptly at 7:00 pm, so please be there no later than 6:00 pm.  You’ll get your wristbands then, and any last minute touches to your costumes can be made at that time.


KREWE DU VIEUX DOO/STATE PALACE THEATRE:  After the parade, we’ll enter the State Palace Theatre from the side door on Rampart Street.  You’ll need your wristband to get into the DOO.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  You will NOT be able to get into the State Palace Theatre without a ticket if you try to enter from the Canal Street entrance (why pay an additional $20 anyway?).  Food (pizza, jambalaya, BBQ etc.) will be sold at the State Palace Theatre.  They will be barbequing on the outside patio upstairs.  If you haven’t been, check it out.  There’s a really cool view of the City from up there.  Beer and setups are free at designated krewe areas/bars at the DOO for members with wristbands.  Security in the krewe designated area is going to be strictly enforced this year, so don’t even try to get non-members into the krewe’s secured upstairs section at the State Palace Theatre.  We all want to feel free to leave our stuff in a secure location.


DOO TICKETS.  Tickets to the Krewe du Vieux DOO are available to Non-Members for $20/each through Krewe members only.  They will also be available for purchase from the Louisiana Music Factory @ 210 Decatur Street two weeks before the parade, but they will charge a $1.00 surcharge.  You can order tickets for your friends through Amelie BEFORE  5:00 pm on FEBRUARY 10th, or you can purchase them at the State Palace Theatre on Friday, February 14th.  If you’d like to order tickets, please mail your check, payable to “Krewe du Vieux” to Eileen @ 918 Papworth Avenue, Metairie, LA  70005, or bring to the Den of Muses on Saturdays during out meetings.  The Le Monde de Merde will also be available at the Den of Muses by the first week in February.  At this time, there are no plans to sell tickets at the door the night of the parade.


QUESTIONS/COMMENTS/CONCERNS?  Call Captain Amelie @ 286-1080 or 606-1080 or email her at Amelie's Email.



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