VENETIAN ISLES – The Drips & Discharges has learned that, in a last minute plea agreement, Judge George with the United States District Court for the Sex Circuit, is working on a plea agreement which would result in awarding the State’s only legal dock side brothel license to Judge Bodenheimer’s Venetian Isles Marina in return for his testimony about the “fishy” shrimp deal he was negotiating with restaurateur, “John” Al Copeland.  Both Judge Bodenheimer and Mr. Copeland have unofficially said they would do “just about anything” to keep their names off The Trick List, a list of johns who frequented the brothel.  This List was provided as part of the plea bargain made with the “Madam” of the brothel, a defendant in the case.  The hearing on whether to release the Trick List to the general public as part of the discovery process is currently set for February.


It has also been reported that Representative Cleo Fields has sponsored a Bill in the State Legislature to legalize dock side prostitution, called by many lobbyist as the “Whoring Mooring Bill”.  He is applying for a federal grant to manage the brothel in exchange for his cooperation in the case.  He feels his experience in receiving cash payment in brown envelopes will qualify him for the job.  He is, however, running into obstacles with getting electrical permits for the neon lights.  Fast Eddie Edwards has been reported to have volunteered his expertise to “The Madam, er,  Masser Fields” in drafting the legislation from his Texas cell.  Will the Canal Street brothel case start a serious debate in the legislature on legalizing dock side prostitution?


Additionally, District Attorney Eddie Jordan is working on an agreement not to prosecute the johns on the secret Trick List in return for their support of this new revenue generating legislation for the City of New Orleans.  Even Mayor Ray Nagin agrees the plea agreement and resulting legislation will be good for all parties concerned, as long as the Whoring Mooring Bill is adopted by the Legislature before Mississippi gets the idea and passes one of its own.  All involved agree that Louisiana can get both legs up over Mississippi by legalizing dock side prostitution.  The repeated impact on the economy, and the recurring revenue from “dockage fees” generated is expected to create a huge bang, and bring a gush of new seaman who will come into the city.  One major issue under consideration in the Bill is whether or not to require “Buy-Yeaux Prostitutes” to become licensed.  Former Governor Edwards is working on the testing procedures for licensure, and is being assisted by Con Jiggle visitors who come to his cell.


In another last minute development, Judge George has agreed to offer immunity to the johns and flush the extensive Trick List under the plea agreement if the legislation is passed.  Former Orleans Parish District Attorney Harry Connick had previously flushed the List when the Feds offered it to him because there was no federal statute to deal with johns.  However, the john backed up when Mr. Connick found provisions to prosecute two St. Tammany Parish johns, a concierge, a boyfriend who chauffeured the johns “for love”, the madam, her mother and nine call girls.  Under their plea agreement they will not only pay the price of the crime, but will also pay income taxes on the revenue generated from the johns.


The Drips & Discharges has been awarded the exclusive contract to distribute “fill in the blank” Judgements for those johns along the Krewe du Vieux’s parade route who would like to take advantage of the February 15th deadline Judge George has offered for immunity in the case.  Judgements should be executed and turned in at the Krewe du Vieux’s DOO at the State Palace Theatre on Canal Street after the parade.


In the end, all parties of the plea agreement agree that the only people who will get screwed are the hookers!