2003 Krewe of Drips & Discharges Handout!


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NO.  KDV-2003                                      Division “69”                     Court of Judge Boner Hymen






Please fill in your name in disappearing ink




Hear Ye, Hear Ye.  Cum one, cum all.  On the motion of the ocean of Eddie Jordan, District Attorney for the City of Sin, and on producing to the Court due proof in support of defendant’s short cumings, the Court considering the law and lack of evidence to be in favor of “the johns”, for the reasons and actions orally assigned and performed upon.


IT IS ORDERED, ADJUDED, AND DECREED, that immunity herein entered on February 15, 2003, be now confirmed, granted and made final, and accordingly, let there be immunity granted to those johns on the “secret trick list” for their cooperation in lobbying for the passage of the “Mooring Whoring Bill”.  Upon passage of the bill to legalize dock side prostitution, and completion of the information below, immunity shall be granted, confirmed and made final, and accordingly, let there be judgment in favor of defendant, whose name shall be sealed and concealed from the general public.


IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED that defendants shall have carte blanche authority to continue the practice of soliciting prostitutes, as long as they do not take said prostitutes across state lines, particularly to the “SS Crime Scene” in the State of Mississippi.  In return for immunity, defendants shall hereby be sentenced to Life in Anticipation of the trick list cuming out in the press.


Defendant is in the occupation of (circle one)

Lawyer John                                        Judge John

Doctor John                                        Politician John


Defendant hereby claims the credentials below (circle one)

Jumbo John                                        Little John

Average John                                     Cocktail sized John


Defendant hereby admits to solicitation of the following (circle all that apply)

Grandma Trick                                              Daughter Trick

Teen Trick                                                    All of the above-together


JUDGMENT read, rendered & signed on the parade route of the Krewe du Vieux, on the 15th day of February, 2003, in the City of Sin, Vieux Carre, Louisiana.




                                                                        Judge Boner Hymen