Krewe Du Vieux


2003 Safety Program Member Handout





1.  Mules:   Keep at least 30 feet away from any mule and beware of unexpected mule behaviors such as stampeding, biting, or kicking.  Do not make sudden or aggressive actions around the mules and follow all mule handler instructions.  All members must be off the float and away from the mule when the mule is hitched to the float


2.  Medical:  Captains must define a procedure to respond to a medical emergency by members of their sub-Krewe trained in CPR or medicine.  Procedures should include who will direct the members, when will they be relieved, who will notify the trailing Krewe and security personnel, and who will clear a pathway for public safety vehicles.


3.  Fire:  All members must be shown the location of the fire extinguisher and its operation.  With a fire on the float, the first priority is to notify the mule handler.  Simultaneously, spray the unobstructed base of the fire with the fire extinguisher.  All nearby Krewe must respond with their fire extinguishers to any Krewe’s float fire.


4.  Throws and parade crashers:  Membership will be immediately and summarily revoked for the following throws:

    1.  Liquids, caustics, powders, sharp objects, fireworks, commercial advertisements, hate-oriented materials, or any throws deemed inappropriate by the Officers of KdV or the Captain of the offending member’s Sub-Krewe.
    2. Any throw that may cause injury.
    3. Aggressively throwing in a manner intended to injure.
    4. Throwing at band members, mules, or the authorities listed in Section I.
    5. Throws prohibited by law or common sense.

Members should also point out to the police or to the Sub-Krewe’s private security personnel (1) non-members marching with the parade, (2) spectators grabbing Krewe members, or (3) any other unreasonable spectator activity. 


2.      Be reasonable:  Intoxicants must be used responsibly.  Any actions that will lead to injuries such as fighting, falling, driving a vehicle, unreasonable inciting of spectators, non-compliance with KdV or public authorities, etc. is grounds for immediate, summary removal from both the parade and ball.  There will be no appeal or refund of membership dues. 


6.  Surfaces:  The streets of the parade have potholes and the ball will have slippery surfaces.  You must assume that these hazards will not be marked and your caution is your best protection from these unavoidable hazards.  All members are required to notify the ball venue staff (State Palace Theater) of spilled liquids or other hazards. 


7.      Floats:  Each member must know the location and operation of the fire extinguisher.


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