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The Krewe du Vieux is a non-profit organization dedicated to the historical and traditional concept of a Mardi Gras parade as a venue for individual creative expression and satirical comment.  It is unique among all Mardi Gras parades because it alone carries on the old Carnival traditions, by using decorated, hand or mule-drawn floats with satirical themes, accompanied by costumed revelers dancing in the streets to the sounds of jazzy street musicians.  We believe in exposing the world to the true nature of Mardi Gras – and in exposing ourselves to the world.

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At 13 years old, The Krewe of Drips & Discharges reaches puberty in 2005!









Le Monde de Merde


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The official 2004 parade route

1993 was the first year the Drips & Discharges took to the streets for our first “annual stumble through the French Quarter”.  Seven of our current members were there – although none of us seem to have any memory of the event!  They are: Jim & Tonia Aiken, Julie Bounds, Ellen Hall, Eileen Duffy McKeown, Norman McSwain and Sandra Pelas.

DRIPS & DISCHARGES HISTORY and Roster of Characters (1993-2004)

Themes & Royalty from Years Past with links to the Drips & Discharges’ Le Monde de Merde Articles & other memorabilia. 

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  • 1992 - KDV Rights the News
  • (Angus Lind)
  • 1991 - Lost Conventions
  • (Becky Allen & Ricky Graham)
  • 1990 - KDV Smells Something Fishy
  • (Al Scramuzza)
  • 1989 - KDV Predicts
  • (Lois Simbach)
  • 1988 - KDV Eats Out
  • (Chef Paul Prudohmme)
  • 1987 - Odd Couples
  • (Charmaigne Neville)


The “Unofficial, Underground”

Krewe of Drips & Discharges Web Page

A Sub Krewe of the Krewe du Vieux

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2004 Parade Day Photo Gallery


This web site is the home of the Krewe of Drips & Discharges, a Sub Krewe of the Krewe du Vieux parade organization.  The Drips & Discharges was born in the Emergency Room of Touro Infirmary, about two weeks before parade day in 1993, and was the “brain child” of our founding member and Captain, Dr. Jim Aiken.  Many of our founding members work in the healthcare profession – therein lies the reasoning (or lack thereof) behind our name.  As one of the original members, and Secretary and Treasurer for 10 years, and with a passion for fun and a love for our Krewe, I have offered the information, history and photos shared on this site for your pleasure and entertainment.  I hope you enjoy your visit!            - Eileen

The Drips take 1st Place at the 4th annual Brewe Doo**************************************************



Krewe du Vieux


AKA – The “MUTHA” of all Krewes!  The Krewe du Vieux is a Mardi Gras parade that kicks off the Mardi Gras season in New Orleans each year.  We are the only Mardi Gras organization to get a “legal” permit to parade through the French Quarter.  Although, technically, we are not an “official” parade – and really don’t want to be.  (Then, we’d have to follow rules!).  A “marching” parade, our members take to the streets each year, in lieu of riding on floats.  Getting “up close and personal” with the crowds makes them feel a part of our revelry, and only adds to the magic of our annual stumble through the French Quarter.


In 2003, our 17th year, we reached the 900-member mark, making us one of the largest Mardi Gras organizations in the city.  We are the ONLY Mardi Gras parade that still adheres to the old traditions of Carnival, as it used to be, 100+ years ago.  Mule or hand drawn floats, costumed revelers dancing in the streets, jazz musicians, and satirical themes that poke fun at all those things you’re not suppose to talk about in public – politics, sex & religion!  HEY - it’s Carnival, and all in good fun,


Each year, the MUTHA Krewe comes up with an idea for a theme.  The 17 Sub Krewes then take that theme and apply their own individual interpretations.  Floats and costumes are all the creative work of the members – and “creative work” is an understatement by anyone’s definition.  We have no corporate sponsors, and no paid vendors who are members of the Krewe.  We are truly a work of love made possible each year by the hard work and dedication of the members themselves.


A not-for-profit organization, the Krewe du Vieux is funded solely through its membership.  Our strong dedication to promoting New Orleans music and its musicians makes it possible for us to share the streets of the French Quarter each year with 19 of the city’s finest jazz/brass bands, including Treme, Li’l Rascals, Storyville Stompers, Li’l Stooges, Newbirth, Mo’ Lasses & the Paulin Brothers, to name a few.  The Kazoozie Floozies also make an annual appearance with the Krewe.  We’ve enjoyed the privilege of having some of the most talented personalities in the city reign as our Royalty!  A purely New Orleans effort!


Born in 1987, the Krewe du Vieux originated out of the ruins of the now-defunct Krewe of Clones organization.  Some folks just can’t get enough of a good thing!  Visit the Krewe du Vieux web site at for more information.

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