1993 – Posthumorously Yours


The Krewe of Drips & Discharges


French Maids & Butlers


No one seems to have any memory of this event.

Apparently, we all killed those brain cells before the night was over!


We had about 20 members and no float.

Jim Aiken read an article in the newspaper about the Krewe du Vieux parade,

got in touch with the Captain, Ray “Plaine” Kern,

and put the group together about two week

before parade day.

We missed the Le Monde de Merde deadline.


We all went dressed as French Maids & Butlers,

rode to the parade line up in an ambulance,

handed out plastic crabs as our signature throw,

froze our butts off, and the ladies all wore the wrong shoes.

Before the night was over we decided that it should be

illegal to have this much fun!


We were hooked!


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