1994 – The Ballot of New Orleans


The Drips & Discharges


“Dollahs for Scholars”


In 1994, we all went dressed as Tulane graduates in

green caps & gowns, and handed out

free scholarships to Tulane University to the crowds

along the parade route!

That year, some politicians were taking heat for giving away

scholarships to Tulane University to their kids, their friends and themselves!


Le Monde de Merde article


We’d increased our membership to about 35 people,

but still had no float.

We started the traditional “rolling party”

(come on out you old hippies) at Norman’s house on Bourbon Street,

where we all met before the parade.

At least we wore the right shoes and clothes that year.


Once again, we killed all those brain cells before the evening was over,

so there’s no official record of this event!


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