1995 – Unnaturally New Orleans


The Drips & Discharges


“Saints Win the Super Bowl”


In 1995, the KDV’s theme was “Unnaturally New Orleans”.

How much more “unnatural” can you get than the

Saints winning the Super Bowl?

By this time, we’d increased our numbers to 55 members

and finally had a float, a mule, and a Krewe logo!


The ladies dressed as football players and the

guys as the “Saintsations”.  One male member was quoted

en route to the line up by responding to an Officer’s inquiry:

“Why don’t you come see me some time, big boy!”

We also had a couple of referees and a bookie, and

thus began our tradition of getting “creative” with our costumes.

We also continued the tradition of a D&D signature “handout”

which was a game day program.

Some opposing teams in our winning season included

The Home for Unwed Mothers and The Little Sisters of the Poor.



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