1999 – Kdv presents “Urban Myths”


The Krewe of Drips & Discharges


A Confederacy of Redundancy


With the KDV theme of “Urban Myths”,

and former Captain, Ray “Plaine” Kern as our King,

the Drips and Discharges decided to mold our

theme this year around a classic New Orleans book

written about a Lucky Dog Salesman.


The book, “A Confederacy of Dunces”, provided the perfect backdrop.

We dressed as Lucky Dog salesmen, and “Big George”

(encased in a hot dog bun and wearing a Marc Morial mask),

rode proudly on top of our Lucky Dog cart/float.

Our 40 members took to the streets once again,

handing out a list of proposed “taxes” to be imposed

on residents for the sins of the city.


Le Monde de Merde Article



We proposed that we tax the following "sins":


1.             Buying politicians (individually or collectively by party)

2.             Pinching tails and sucking heads (by the pound)

3.             Drinking Dixie (not singing it)

4.             Showing Tits for cheap beads or doubloons (tax doubles for silicone and saline implants)

5.             Adultery (unless it's committed with a person of the same sex - then the tax is doubled!)

6.             Lying to citizens of New Orleans (on TV, the internet or otherwise)

7.             Tampering with voting machines by individuals (dead or alive)

8.             Driving while influenced (by anything or anyone other than the Mayor)

9.             Murder (of another tax paying citizen only)

10.        Gluttony of all foods (except Red Beans & Rice on Mondays)

11.        Theft of property (except in the case of city workers stealing city property).



Eileen was a little too drunk for taking pictures this year – Anyone?




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