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The Drips & Discharges 2004 Photo Album


     ELECTION 2003                            FLOAT DEMOLITION DOO & BBQ



2004 Officers and The Social & Pleasure Committee “Retreat” to the Swamps


The Drips & Discharges take 2nd place at the KdV Brewe Doo!


General membership meeting – November 23, 2003


The Drips & Discharges Swallow the 5th at the KdV Fall Fun Razor


It’s beginning to look a lot like da float!


Parade Day Photo Gallery



The Drips & Discharges 2004 Le Monde de Merde Article


2004 MEMBER PARADE TIPS – if you read nothing else, read this!


KDV THEME/ROYALTY/MUSIC.  The Krewe du Vieux’s theme for 2004 is “The Quest for Immorality”.  Queen Coleen Salley will reign as our Royalty in this year’s parade.  She is best known in local circles as the Queen who rides in a decorated grocery cart in the Krewe of Coleen, a marching parade that has rolled through the French Quarter on Mardi Gras day since 1974.  Coleen is also a retired Professor of Children’s Literature at the University of New Orleans.  She is known worldwide as a “storyteller extraordinaire, professor emeritus and scholar, and is also the author of endearing children’s books”.  She’s a regular at the Jazz Fest, where she reads stories to the kiddies in the Children’s Tent.  For more information on Queen Coleen, please visit her web site at  Grammy Nominee, Marcia Ball, and 1998’s KdV Grand Duchess, is our enthusiastic choice for the headline performer at the KdV DOO following the parade.  Her latest release, “So Many Rivers” is a MUST for any New Orleans resident’s music collection, and has been nominated for a Grammy Award (to be announced the day after our parade – February 8, 2004).  The Trombone Shorty Brass Band, featuring Troy Andrews, will lead the lineup with their Brass Band Review at the KdV DOO following the parade, and the Theresa Andersson Band is scheduled for our late night headliner entertainment.  Special intermission entertainment to be provided by Zabumba!  Get plenty of rest this year – it gonna be a looooooong night!


D&D THEME/COSTUMES/FLOAT DECORATIONS:  At our November 23rd general membership meeting we adopted the theme:  “Drips & Discharges Does Never Ever Land”.  The idea is to do Peter Pan with a Michael Jackson twist.  Costumes ideas are limitless, including Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys, Pirates, Indians, Michael Jackson and his entire entourage of characters.  Or, just grab a pair of pajamas!  Check out this year’s Le Monde de Merde article for some interesting ideas.  We have a costume catalog with lots of reasonable costumes to choose from ($10 - $25), and will be placing our order right after the first of the year.  Contact Pat Williamson at PAT'S EMAIL if you’d like to schedule a time to browse the catalog.  You can also order a limited supply of costumes online at  Orders AND payment are due by January 11, 2004.  Please contact Pat and get your order in, especially if you’d like to order from the catalog.  We’ll also need some creative brains to set the wheels in motion in preparation for our float decorations.  AT THIS TIME, COSTUME ORDERS ARE CLOSED!  Costumes will be distributed at the Den of Muses on January 25, and January 31, 2004 from noon until 5:00 pm.  If you can’t make it, please contact Eileen to make arrangements to pick up your costume order.


PARADE.  The 2004 Krewe du Vieux parade is scheduled for Saturday, February 7, 2004.  The parade rolls promptly at 7:00 pm, so be there NO LATER THAN 6:00 pm to get your membership wristband.  The parade will line up at the Den of Muses this year and the parade route is shown below.  The Lil’ Stooges will be marching with us again this year, and plan to play some Michael Jackson tunes – so start practicing your “moonwalk” now!


SAFETY:  Please review the Krewe du Vieux’s Safety Program  - especially now that we’re getting a mule!


THROWS, VIDEOS & KDV SPORTSWEAR.   ORDERS ARE CLOSED FOR THE YEAR.  Krewe du Vieux Sportswear orders are closed for the year.  Check out our 2004 KdV Sportswear line at  Payment was due no later than November 1, 2003.  KdV parade videos are still available at $10.00/each for the 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 & 2003 parades.  Contact Eileen to order copies.  KdV 2004 signature cups and wooden nickels can be ordered through our Krewe Captains or online at  Cups are $12.50/sleeve of 25 cups; and wooden nickels are $10.00/100 nickels.  Checks should be made payable to Krewe du Vieux, and must be received by Treasurer Bob before the January 25th deadline.  Cups and wooden nickels will be distributed at the Den of Muses on Saturday, January 31, 2004.  The Drips & Discharges will again provide a limited quantity of our signature “test tube handouts”.  We need members with “rolling skills” to come to the Den of Muses (see dates below) and help with this project.  Check out this year’s handout.  The Mardi Gras Zone (located next door to the Den of Muses) is offering a discount on throws to all Krewe du Vieux members.  Next time you’re down at the Den, stop in and shop.  Be sure to mention that you’re a member of KdV to take advantage of the discounted prices.  Members are strongly encouraged to get their throws on the float at the Den of Muses either Friday afternoon/night, February 6th or before 2:00 pm on parade day, Saturday, February 7th.


FLOAT REPAIRS/UPGRADES:  On August 2, 2003, the Clean Up Krewe did a great job of breaking down our old float, and cleaning up our space at the Den of Muses.  Clark Thompson, our Float Committee Chairperson, is calling for volunteers to help build our new and improved Drips & Discharges float – aka the bar on wheels!  The frame’s been fabricated, the welding completed and the decorations are under way!  Check out our progress @  We need our members to all pitch in to help with the decorations during the month of January (see our calendar below for dates/times).  Interested members who’d like to help should get in touch with Clark, who will be coordinating the construction efforts.  His email address is CLARK'S EMAIL.


DIRECTIONS TO THE DEN OF MUSES.  From Elysian Fields and the River, turn on Chartres Street (away from the French Quarter).  Go down Chartres 4-5 blocks, one block past Feelings Cafe and Franklin Avenue (where it makes a “V”) and turn left on Port.  Go one block and turn right on Architect.  (You can only turn right on Architect and it is only one block long).  The Den access is in the middle of the block on the left.  If you get lost and need to call us, you can reach Amelie on her cell at 606-1080 or Nate on his cell at 234-5917.


MEMBERSHIP DUES:  MEMBERSHIP IS CLOSED FOR THE YEAR!  Membership was opened to 2003 members first at $95.00 each until September 15, 2003.  (Sorry guys, when the Mutha Krewe went up $10, we had to pass it along.)  After September 15, 2003, membership was opened to past members until October 31, 2003, and then to new “virgin” members on November 1st.  On December 1st, dues went up to $125.00 each.  We have a KdV imposed, 60-member limit this year.  DON’T DELAY!  Pay your dues ASAP if you plan to join us in 2004.  Checks should be made payable to Bob Bolin OR cash, and should be mailed to Bob at 4310 S. Prieur Street, New Orleans, LA  70125.  Questions should be directed to Pat at PAT'S EMAIL or Bob at BOB'S EMAIL.


KREWE DU VIEUX BREWE DOO:  The KdV Brewe Doo was a “fun razor” scheduled this year on Friday, September 19, 2003.  This year’s “DOO” was held at Tipitina’s Uptown, with our own Lil’ Stooges providing the music entertainment.  Twelve of our 17 Sub Krewes participated by brewing their own “home grown” brewes.  For a flat rate entry fee of $10.00, you could drink all the home brewe you liked – for as long as you could stand it (or stand up).  Cap’n. Nate and Sebastian volunteered to be our ‘brewemeisters’, and did a fine job with their “Kumoniwanalaya” and “Afro Brewe Siac” (which took 2nd place in the “Brewe Off” competition).  The Krewe raised $150 for our brewe contributions, and, the Social & Pleasure Committee successfully raised $140 for our new float fund selling our signature Gourmet Jello Shots!  Traditionally a “theme party”, costumes were strongly encouraged.  The Drips & Discharges adopted a “Tropical” theme this year - Lei Lady Lei (in honor of Treasurer Pat’s birthday).  We pulled out our grass skirts and flowered shirts and leid the plan to get everyone leid!  See out photo gallery at


KREWE DU VIEUX FALL FUN RAZOR:  The Drips & Discharges co-mingled again at 7:00 pm at Vic’s (upstairs) on Tchoupitoulas Street, across the street from the Fun Razor.  The KdV Fall Fun Razor was scheduled for 8:00 pm on Saturday, December 6, 2003.  We celebrated Beethoven’s Birthday this year with the theme: “KdV Swallows the 5th”!  Them Taggert Boys provided the music entertainment beginning at 9:00 pm.  The Fun Razor was held at Lucy’s Retired Surfer’s Bar located UPSTAIRS at 701 Tchoupitoulas Street (corner of Tchoupitoulas and Girod) in the Warehouse District.  Cover charge was $5.00, and costumes (as always) were strongly encouraged.  The Drips and Discharges proudly had the largest showing of all 17 sub-krewes in the Krewe du Vieux.  See our photo gallery at


MEETING DATES & DEADLINES:  Mark your calendars now for the following dates:

MEMBERS NOTE:  Feelings Café (corner of Chartres & Franklin) is offering a special for Krewe du Vieux members on weekends from now until parade day:  $5.00 (16 oz.) Bloody Mary’s and Screw Drivers!  Stop in on your way to the Den.





August 2

Float demolition DOO & BBQ/Den of Muses

6 pm – til

September 15

DUES due for 2003 members

Membership opens to past members


September 19

KdV Brewe DOO/Tipitina’s Uptown

9 pm – til

October 31

Membership opens to NEW members


November 1

KdV Sportswear orders & payment due


November 23

Drips & Discharges meeting/Bob Bolin’s house

4 pm – 7 pm

December 1

DUES increase to $125.00/member


December 6

Drips & Discharges Pre-Fun Razor party/Vic’s

(across the street from Lucy’s on Tchoupitoulas)

7 pm – 8 pm

December 6

KdV Fun Razor/Lucy’s Retired Surfer’s Bar

UPSTAIRS (701 Tchoupitoulas St, corner of Girod)

8 pm – 1 am

December 14

Drips & Discharges meeting/Eileen’s house

4 pm – 8 pm

December 20

Drips & Discharges Le Monde de Merde Article due








January 11

Drips & Discharges meeting & float decoration/Den of Muses

KdV DOO tickets on sale/Den of Muses

Drips & Discharges costume orders & payment due

Noon – 5 pm

January 18

Drips & Discharges meeting & float decoration/Den of Muses

KdV DOO tickets on sale/Den of Muses

Noon – 5 pm

January 21

Drips & Discharges goes to the movies!  Peter Pan playing at the AMC Palace 20 Elmwood theater.

7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

January 25

Drips & Discharges meeting & float decoration/Den of Muses

KdV DOO tickets on sale/Den of Muses.

KdV cups & wooden nickels orders and payment due


Noon – 5 pm

January 31

Drips & Discharges meeting & float decoration/Den of Muses

KdV DOO tickets on sale/Den of Muses.

Pick up cups, wooden nickels, costumes and accessories

LAST DAY to sign up to ride the school bus from Acme Jen’s to the parade lineup.  AMELIE'S EMAIL

Noon – 5 pm

February 5

Drips & Discharges FINAL FLOAT PREP/Den of Muses

ABSOLUTE LAST DAY to pick up costumes, cups & nickels.

5:00 pm - til

February 6

Pre Parade Party & set up/State Palace Theater

LAST CHANCE to purchase DOO tickets and pick up your cups, nickels, costumes & accessory orders

3 pm – 9 pm

February 7

Drips and Discharges Pre Parade Party @ Acme Jen’s Art Gallery, 5700 Magazine Street (next to Whole Food Grocery)


Parade day/Lineup @ the Den of Muses


Krewe du Vieux DOO/State Palace Theater

2 pm – 4 pm



3 pm – 6 pm

7 pm

9ish – til


PRE PARADE PARTY:  The KdV Pre Parade Party and set up will be held at the State Palace Theater on Friday, February 6, 2004 from 3:00 pm until 9:00 pm.  Beer, soft drinks and sandwiches will be provided.  This is the time to bring in your “party favors” for the KdV DOO following the parade, including hard liquor, small coolers, changes of clothes/shoes, disposable cameras, or anything else you’d like to have with you and don’t want to haul along the parade route.  We also need to stake out our spot (AS CLOSE TO THE BAR AS POSSIBLE) for Saturday night, and hang our banner!  Last minute DOO tickets for friends and cohorts can also be purchased at this event, and this is your last chance to get your cups and wooden nickles.  NO LARGE ICE CHESTS ARE ALLOWED AND VALUABLES ARE STRONGLY DISCOURAGED!  If you can’t live without it – DON’T BRING IT!


PARADE DAY EVENTS:  Make arrangements before 2:00 pm on parade day to 1) get your throws on the float at the Den of Muses (either Friday night or Saturday morning), and 2) park your cars near the State Palace Theater, or wherever you’ll want to retrieve them that night after the DOO.  The Drips & Discharges will gather together for a pre-parade and make up/costume decorating party from 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm at Jennifer Lindsley’s “ACME” Art Gallery located at 5700 Magazine Street (right next to Whole Foods Grocery).  Limited parking is available, but you are strongly encouraged to catch a ride.  Queen Coleen and her Royal Entourage have graciously accepted our invitation to join us at 2:30 pm for food and libations.  Bring refreshments!  Party foods, sandwich trays, covered dishes, snacks and drinks (coolers and ice will be provided).  Disposable dishes are recommended.  At 4:00 pm, we’ve chartered a school bus to pick us up from Acme Jen’s and take us all down to the parade line up.  If you haven’t made this ride before, you’ve missed a really great time - so please plan on it this year.  THERE IS NO PARKING AVAILABLE AT THE DEN OF MUSES ON PARADE DAY, SO DON’T EVEN TRY!  (The last member who did had her car run over by a mule.)  Member’s wristbands will be distributed at the parade lineup, which you’ll need to be wearing to participate in the parade, AND get into the KdV DOO afterwards.


KREWE DU VIEUX DOO:  The KdV DOO will be held at the State Palace Theater immediately following the parade.  Members will enter through the Rampart Street entrance.  You’ll need to be wearing your wristband (which you’ll get at the parade lineup) to get into the State Palace Theater – NO EXCEPTIONS.  Proceed upstairs to the designated Krewe area and Drips & Discharges section (as close to the bar as we can possibly get).  The Trombone Shorty Brass Band will lead the festivities with our traditional Brass Band Review immediately following the parade.  KdV’s 1998 Grand Duchess and Grammy Nominee, Marcia Ball, is our scheduled headliner, and the Theresa Andersson Band closes out the night with a late night set.


DOO TICKETS.  Your membership covers your entry to the Krewe du Vieux DOO following the parade.  Tickets are $20.00 each (a bargain, considering the music lineup this year) and are required for friends and cohorts who wish to attend.  They are only available through Krewe members.  Tickets can be purchased through our Captains from mid December, 2003 until January 25, 2004.  After that, tickets can be purchased at the Den of Muses on weekends through designated KdV CABAL members, or until 9:00 pm on parade day at the Louisiana Music Factory, 210 Decatur Street.  Tickets will NOT be sold at the State Palace Theater the night of the parade.



                             Co-Captain            Amelie

                             Co-Captain            Nate  

                             Secretary               Pat    

                             Treasurer               Bob  


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