The Krewe of Drips & Discharges 2004 Handout


You are cordially invited to attend a



The eternally young Peter da Man will open his abusement park ranch - Never Ever Land - to 500 lost boys for one big “Sleep Overgy”.  Bring your pajamas and KY Jelly - and be prepared to stay a while.  The invitation only, pixie dust & studded event is set to fly on February 7, 2004, immediately following the Krewe du Vieux parade.  Entertainment, provided by the Krewe of Drips & Discharges, will include magicians, musicians, Pirates & Injuns, high flying games, and a host of stuffed & pickled animals.  Plus, free abusement park rides!

Tickets cost $5,000 each, with $1,000 from each sale being divided among his three children, and the rest of the money going to Peter da Man himself - to pay for his “ever mounting” legal costs.

Please present this invitation  (and your check made payable to Cash) to “Bubbles” at the gate for admittance.



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