The Getaway 44 Repairs

are under way!



Oops, looks like the cabinets and paneling need to be replaced!  And, a new engine’s in order as well.  Finally had to give Gainor’s loaner back.  But never fear, the boys put their heads together and built (what I affectionately call) “the penis”!



What a sight to see!  The Getaway 44 being pulled out of the water.  That’s one serious lift, and they’re not kidding when they say “Pay to Play”.   Looks like the barnacles were really holding us up after all!



In the meantime, Raymond took charge of redoing all of the electrical, and inboard engine, wiring.  As usual, he had James troubleshooting - and Dennis scratching his head.



The new “inboard” gave us a great opportunity to add a swim platform onto the back.  Won’t that be fun when we go out to the swimming hole this summer?  BUT, when the barnacles came off, and as expected,  we found some holes in the pontoons – OUCH!



Thank God for our friends who chipped in to help out.  Our “brother” Dennis has been here with us the whole way, and helped us secure the aluminum plate and the services of Cleve, who is doing the welding for us at an affordable price.  We are so blessed!



James is working his butt off (literally) and we can’t wait to get her back in the water and finish this project.


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