The Getaway 44 Repairs

are under way!




Once we got her blessed at the Warsaw Marina’s annual Blessing of the Fleet, we took her back to the camp.  The demolition crew went to work, stripping down the inside to the bare metal.



All of the paneling, cabinets and wiring had to be removed before we could start to work on putting her back

together.  The tear down hit a glitch with that darned hot water heater!  Took James two days to take it out!



All of the windows had to be removed and replaced.  Of course, our brother, Dennis was right on top of the job.

The windows had gotten so old, you couldn’t see out of them any longer, particularly those side windows.



The new windows came with screens and actually open!  Just think how great it will be to cruise down the River

or on the Lake, and be able to enjoy the view and a breeze from inside the boat.  Bring on that rain!



The next step was to wire it up for recessed lighting, electrical outlets, etc. so we can have all the comforts of home.

Special thanks (once again) to our friend, Gainor, for supplying us with a brand new, kick-butt air conditioner!


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