The Getaway 44 Repairs

are under way!




Now that the wiring’s done, it’s time to start putting in the insulation.

James and Raymond spent two weekends piecing parts together.



Then it was off to Tennessee with multiple missions in mind.

The boys put their heads together and Kay made sure the creative juices kept flowing.



First on our list was a visit to the flea market in Sweetwater, where we bought the cabinet doors and hardwear for the Getaway 44.  Well worth the trip – and what a selection!



Then, we got to spend some time with family.  We visited Dennis’ sister, Marie, and her husband, Harold, in Maryville.  Then we went on to Aunt Johnnie Gail & Uncle Harry’s place on the Hiwasee River for a family filled weekend and Labor Day celebration.



We even had the chance to spend a beautiful day touring the Great Smokey Mountains where we saw some beautiful scenery and visited a fully operational corn mill.  All work and no play . . .


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