The Getaway 44 Repairs

are under way!




After the cabinets were installed, it was time for the trim work and finishing touches.

Every piece had to be precisely measured and perfectly placed during this phase of the renovations.



Dennis made sure our TV cabinet was the exact same dimensions as the TV screen, and

James took care of the detailed trim work on the ceiling’s hatch door.  Six eyes are definitely better than two!



Kay was proud as she could be, and grateful to Raymond for making the electrical system easy enough

for us girls to handle.  Even Lucy was there to show her approval!



Those old sofas are starting to look better all the time – NOT!  They’ll have to do for now, while the

work continues.  With all the trim in place, it was time to sand and seal the cabinets.



Luckily, the weather cooperated and it only took a few days to finish the cabinets.  To celebrate, we took her

for a ride to Paul & Vicky’s Sagittarius Birthday Bash.  The Getaway 44 was the hit of the party!



James’ expertise came in handy when it came time to install the marble countertops, “double” sink and flooring.

A little more trim out and she’ll be ready to decorate for the Christmas Boat Parade on the Tickfaw River!




James, Raymond, Eileen & Kay

December, 2003


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